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Product Animations

Landing Page Animations on Mesh's website

Mesh is a Performance Management system that helps remote hybrid companies execute their growth plans, in a simple and social way that keeps employees engaged.

We created five animations for Mesh's landing page,
abstracting their features and using a few central characters to tell a story.
These animations were made on a tight deadline, in time for Mesh's website launch.






Iteratively simplified initial designs to capture only essential features

(FIGMA boards to Illustrator files)

Asset 10.png
Asset 19.png
Asset 15.png
Asset 21.png
Asset 7.png
Asset 13.png

Select Animations

Real Time gif 1500 2.0.gif
Pulse Gif 1500.gif

"The quality of work, ideation, execution etc were all fab!
We barely had a lot of back & forth because the team really took the time to understand our product & make some incredible animations."

Rhea Dabas
Sr Marketing Manager, Mesh


Client: Mesh

Design & Animation: Alan De, Ayesha Rao

Agency: OWLED Media

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