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Unscripted Series

Spectrum is an unscripted web series where 5-6 people from a specific group share their beliefs by agreeing or disagreeing with various statements. Spectrum breaks down stereotypes by showcasing the complexities/varieties within a single group, and allows for a safe space to discuss, form and change opinions.

Spectrum is a series originally developed by Jubilee Media.

Watch Jubilee Media videos here:

Watch the Spectrum videos here:

Spectrum holds a special place in our hearts as they were the first videos we produced as Fabel. Our Co-founder, Alan, had the opportunity to be a part of the Jubilee fellowship in 2018 where he got inspired to bring unscripted content to India. 

With Jubilee being very supportive in sharing their ideas with different communities in the world, we were able to start off production in India.

Our hope is to build on this and create more original and deeper videos for an Indian audience.

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