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Get ready to scale to the next level.

The Impossible Explainer is our signature product - a fully designed and animated explainer video that provides clarity, brings delight to your customers, and increases conversions.




Your product deserves an impossibly good explainer.

We Do It For You. In 2 Weeks.

To create a good explainer, a deep understanding of your product, market and your potential customers' wants, needs and objections, is of utmost importance.

A beautiful video isn't enough to help your customer understand your product - we must address their pain points and speak to their desires.

Sharing what you do in a clear and engaging way to potential customers and investors is one of the hardest challenges startups face.

Are you an early stage startup looking for funding?

Are you looking for a solution to easily communicate the essence of your product?

Do you want to create awareness and instill confidence in your customers?

Do you want a high quality product that doesn't cost a fortune?

Do you want your product to make waves RIGHT AWAY?

Well, we heard you.

Clarify Your Message With The Impossible Explainer

The Sweet Spot

60 Second Animated Video

2 Week Timeline

Fully Customized

Starting At USD 2500


The Impossible Experience



A 1-minute animated video with clear and easy-to-follow visuals.



A well-tested process that keeps you in the loop always.



Peace of mind knowing the team consists of experienced problem solvers.



A script that communicates your product to your target audience.



Custom Assets that can be leveraged to satisfy multiple marketing goals.



Facilitated sessions that help unlock a deeper understanding of your customers and brand.

What you get is a process that we have perfected over time, to deliver a well-crafted explainer video.


FlocknGo was one of our early customers for The Impossible Explainer. They needed a high-quality explainer video within 6 days to showcase it at an event attended by potential investors. We delivered the final video within the timeline without any compromises to the quality.

This is how it continues to help their business:

Reduced the time taken to introduce themselves to potential customers and partners to 1/10th of what it used to be.

Improved the quality of conversations with potential investors who’ve watched the explainer.

Leverage the assets used in the video for creating banners and other marketing objectives.

Is The Impossible Explainer Right For You?

The Impossible explainer was created for busy, early-stage startups who have customers and are ready to scale.

This is designed for founders and marketers who are looking to get results within days, not months.

On a tight schedule? No problem.
Commit a few hours to help us research your product, customers, and brand. 

And we will be on our way to producing the video, bringing you in strategically to provide feedback at crucial moments so
you are always involved in the process.

Who It's For

You want a fully custom and high quality solution for your business.


You can move quickly with decision making and giving feedback, knowing that only through iteration will the final product be good.


You are looking for a long term creative partner who understands what’s best for your end consumer.

Who It's NOT For

You are not clear about your product or customers, and hence are unsure what needs to go in an explainer video.

You take your time to make decisions and give feedback, which stagnates the process.

You don’t have time to collaborate neither can you provide a point of contact who is a decision maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process to get started?

Is there a way to discount the price?

I would like to take more time on feedback, and don’t mind the project taking more than 2 weeks. Will this affect the price?

How can I make the most out of an Explainer video?

How is The Impossible Explainer different from The Marvelous Explainer?

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