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Delight And Excite
Your Customers.

The Marvelous Explainer is our premium product. We take everything the Impossible Explainer does and turn it up to eleven.

The designs and animations are way more detailed and are woven seamlessly into a compelling story.




Stand out from the crowd with a
an unforgettable animated video.

Story. Emotions. Dialed to 11.

To win your customers' trust and be invited into their hearts and minds - You need to excite, nurture and delight them to think of your brand like it's their own. 

If your goal is to build an aspirational brand, you've got to think differently.
A good story can affect action and stir your soul - think Pixar.

Why not do the same for your brand?


Creating strong brand recall is a difficult challenge for even the most established brands.

You’re a startup with a proven model and are looking to scale.

You want to communicate the brand’s values and message.

You want to stand out from your competition, creating strong brand recall.

You are looking for a partner who can tell your story with jaw-dropping animation.

You are not in a hurry, and are okay with spending some time on creating the end-product.

Well, we heard you.

Make A Mark With
The Marvelous Explainer

The Real Deal

60-90 Second Animated Video

6-8 Week Timeline

Character Based, Cinematic

Starting At USD 5000

The Marvelous Experience



A 1-minute animated video with unique characters and cinematic visuals.



A well-tested process that keeps you in the loop always.



Satisfaction in knowing the team consists of talented artists and storytellers.



A script that effortlessly integrates story and the brand message.



Custom Assets that can be leveraged to satisfy multiple marketing goals.



Facilitated sessions that help unlock a deeper understanding of your customers, brand and vision.

What you get is a process that we have perfected over time, to deliver an unforgettable explainer video.


SkipQ was one of our early customers for The Marvelous Explainer. Their aim was to create an explainer that could make an impact globally as they plan to launch in over 300 locations across the world. 

This is how it continues to help their business:

The explainer is instrumental in providing a quick understanding of the brand's vision and piquing the interest of investors.

Delivered the video in multiple languages like English, Italian, Arabic, making it possible to distribute it across multiple customer segments. The diverse cast of characters also helps keep it relatable to anyone watching.

In the future the explainer will be used on SkipQ's website, mobile app as well as for their social media distribution.

Is The Marvelous Explainer Right For You?

The Marvelous Explainer was created for brands who have customers that trust them. They are ready to take the next step in brand building and reach more people.

This is designed for founders and marketers who are looking to invest in a long term identity for their brand.

You’re in the right place if you are looking to collaborate with a team that produces high quality animation and cares about your
customer’s experience.

Who It's For

You want a fully custom and high quality solution for your business.

You have customers, but you’re having a hard time scaling your customer acquisition.

You have a landing page/social media that doesn’t convert as well as you’d like.

You are looking for a long term creative partner who understands what’s best for your end consumer.

Who It's NOT For

You're an early stage startup that is yet to find product-market fit.

You are not clear about your product or customers, and hence are unsure what needs to go in an explainer video.

You need the video to be done quickly and don’t care too much about the visual style.

You do not have the time to collaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process to get started?

Is there a way to discount the price?

How involved will I be in the creation process?

How can I make the most out of an Explainer video?

How is The Marvelous Explainer different from The Impossible Explainer?

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