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We are Fabel.

Our videos are made with love & imagination.

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Our Culture

People first.

“Ideas come from people. Therefore, people are more important than ideas.”  We believe getting the right people and the right chemistry is the most important ingredient for a project.


Quality is the goal.

While we strive to be efficient and quick, we give utmost priority to the quality of a project. We are very enthusiastic about creating satisfying motion and perfecting the smallest of details. 

Humility is not just a virtue.

We should be able to acknowledge and make room for what we do not know. Learning and adapting to uncomfortable or uncharted territories has helped us grow in our craft.


No ideas are silly.

We want everyone in the project to feel comfortable and be candid enough to not feel embarrassed when throwing ideas around. Chances are the suggestion you thought was dumb, ends up being the breakthrough we’re looking for!


Story above all.

It does not matter if the product is visually appealing unless and until we have gotten the story right.

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Alan De Ilango

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Ayesha Rao


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Talented folks we've
worked with:

Illustrator | Animator

Riffat Aga
Storyboard Artist | Illustrator

Ramya Hegde
Animator | Storyboard Artist

Shaurav Yadav
Animator | Designer

Motion Designer | Illustrator

Amrit Aryan
Animator | Designer


Simrat Bains
Producer | Writer

Suraj Samal
Sound Designer

Manohar Naik
Editor | Colorist

Anushka Shrivastava
Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Rahul Vamadevan

Hayagreev Oppilli

Mohith Malipat
Graphic Designer

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